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Palm trees in New England you say? Or how about Palm Trees in Massachusetts? Or for me, it's Palm Trees in Cape Cod!  Why not?  Who doesn't love Palm Tress? Especially for people who live in the "cold"! It seems people who live in Massachusetts, have an appreciation for Palms Trees and other Tropical Plants even more than maybe the people who live among them.  Why?  Because our winters are long, cold, and dark, and who doesn't want a permanent piece of the tropics in our back yard in summer, and or, indoors in the winter?  

But try to find rare, or even the "staple" palm trees for sale, in New England, or palm trees for sale in Massachusetts for that matter, or even palm tress for sale here in Cape Cod? Local nurseries!  Good luck!

I have proven that Palms Trees, in Massachusetts, can be, and is a reality.  

They can be grown in containers which can be moved inside in winter, and outside in summer.  Or, there are "cold hardy" varieties, that, with winter protection, can survive outside year after year here in zone 6a/b New England. 

In the ground varieties for zone 5a-6b are typically offered by online sellers in smaller sizes. They are "slow growing" and have  smaller or no trunks and will take several years to mature if they survive.  I have solved that problem, with the addition of new suppliers, that can provide me with more mature cold hardy palms for the ground.  The container palms, can come very big, or small, depending on how much money you want to spend, and how much room you have in your house, conservatory, sunroom, or greenhouse.


-Knowledge, or lack thereof, of what makes these trees "tick" both indoor and outside. 
-Virtually no availability of proper nutritional products for successful year round palm tree health. 
-Lack of selection and availability for rare and normal varieties(Home Depot, Garden nurseries)?  Good luck!
-Room in your house, or lack of proper sites outside.
-Time(Detailed attention must be paid constantly for healthy palms to flourish)

I can solve 4 out of 5.  The room in your house? I have no control.


-Palm trees for SALE, and or, RENTAL
-Acquisition, Broker services, and all logistics that go with it. 
-Tropical landscape design, and maintenance(both interior and exterior), which incorporates, banana plants, castor bean, elephant ears, yucca, perennials, annuals, and many other tropical choices for home and garden.
-"Baby sitting" when away
-Maintaining the plants health
-Pest control
-Indoor/outdoor transition("hardening off"/sun acclimation)
-Moving containers
-Winter protection
-Spring preparation
-Proper artificial lighting for the indoor months

Available PALM TREES 2020:

-Mediterranean Fan Palms
-Pindo Palms(aka Jelly Palms, Butia Palms)
-Windmill Palms
-Christmas Palms
-Bottle Palms
-Spindle Palms
-The "Steel Blue" Bismark
-Mexican Fan Palm 
-Queen Palms
-Chineese Fan Palm
-Coconut palms
-Sabal Palmetto
Unlike out of state nursery's, I will send photos of the actual palm/s ordered.

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